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What you need to know

Why do you need a Maintenance Contract? A Maintenance Contract is essential to the preservation and efficiency of all HVAC/R equipment. The equipment used to cool or heat your home or office MUST be serviced on a regular basis. HVAC/R equipment is very similar to a car - and a car must get its oil changed, spark plugs changed, tires rotated etc. The same principal applies to HVAC/R equipment. Filters, mechanical and electrical components must periodically be monitored and changed. Just remember; prevent the problems of tomorrow by maintaining your Equipment today!

  1. How often should Maintenance be performed?
    You should have your equipment serviced twice a year. Once in the Spring to check your air conditioning system and once in the fall to check your heating system.

  2. What’s included?
    A typical Maintenance Contract includes:
    • Verify and record all vital equipment information
    • Removal of old filters, installation of new filters
    • Visually check for leaks from mechanical equipment and piping
    • Inspect belts & pulleys and adjust as necessary
    • Inspect electrical components & controls, tighten as necessary
    • Lubricate motors, bearings and dampers where necessary
    • Check, verify and record all voltage and amperage readings are within factory specifications
    • Check, verify and record all refrigerant levels and pressures are within factory specifications
    • Check condenser and evaporator coils for air flow restrictions
    • Check condensate line(s) and condensate pan(s) for blockages and debris
    • Check operating controls (such as thermostats, etc.) for proper operation and programming
    • Check supply and return temperatures
  3. Additional Options for Maintenance Contracts:
    • Installation of new belt(s)
    • Power washing of condenser coil(s) and evaporator coil(s)

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